Editorial Policy:

UrsGorgeously is a PR friendly blog therefore we do accept beauty & makeup samples for review. Please note that reviews are honest, unbiased and doesn’t promote or advertise any brand. We do help our readers through our reviews and will never impose to try on with any specific product. We would share all the experiences while using the product. There might be few factors which would directly or indirectly differ like skin type, weather conditions etc. We do not use harsh words against any product/brand but cannot skip the details if faced any odd experiences.

Once the product is received, We will be posting the reviews within 20 days. Detailed reviews will be posted with all the minute information included.


For advertising, please contact ursgorgeously[at]gmail[dot]com

Giveaway policy:

Sponsoring a giveaway is always an amazing way to grab a reader’s regard. ursgorgeously does accepts sponsoring giveaways.

We have Google Analytics enabled for the site. So, if you wish, I can provide with access to view the stats.


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