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This week has been a crazy one for me as I have been doing a huge sweep of my entire house. It has been a really long time I sorted every single thing in my home, so I thought its time to do this. I have been postponing this for quite a long time and finally did it. I am not sure if most of you all know, but if you’ve been following me on instagram, you might have noticed that I have recently read the book “The Life changing magic of Tidying” by Marie Kondo and ever since, I have been obsessed with tidying, sorting and organizing, in a good way ofcourse.

       For every person, be it either men or women, wardrobe organizing seems to be a hell lotta job. Especially, when we don’t have fancy spaces or modern built houses (Doesn’t really need to mean that bigger houses with large modern spacious closet spaces would be neat. Need not be true but come on, they, for obvious reasons can have the advantage of designing their wardrobe spaces with ease). However, for most of us who have small closet spaces, it is really difficult to design and most importantly maintain the wardrobe space which is both efficient and elegant. Difficult enough only till you know how to work it out. And with my learning and experience, I would like to share 3 surprising ways to design & organize your wardrobe in small spaces. 2 Steps to be followed are Sorting and Designing + Organizing.

SORTING: More than we even realize, we own a lot of stuff when it comes to clothes and accessories. Few we do buy because we like something, or sometimes because there is a sale going on and sometimes we are gifted from our close and dear ones. However, we don’t realize we own so much because we don’t organize it the right way and we keep on piling our stuff buying more just to realize one day that you have got that particular dress or shirt or skirt lying in the closet for last couple of months and you hardly never wore it or may be once. That particular costume is then picked to be either given away to the needy or close ones or again folded and kept back in the closet wishing that it might be useful someday. But that someday never comes! Sounds like you! It is most of us, trust me!

    Sort everything you have. Shirts, pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, outerwear, inner wears, jackets, scarfs, bags, shoes, jewellery, watches, anklets etc whatsoever wardrobe stuff they are, sort them. Keep only those you like and need. Only those which ‘Sparks Joy’. Life is all about having everything you love around you. This is the most important and crucial step. Leave everything you think has sufficed its purpose, or no more interesting to you, back. Once this step is considered and done thoroughly, move on to the next step.

DESIGNING AND ORGANIZING are 2 different things. Designing is give each and every thing of yours a home, like a place to stay. Imagine where you want to place everything. which comes to your left and which one to your right; where to place the bags and where to leave the shoes; where to hang the jackets and where to store the scarfs. That is designing. Design your space as you like. There is always lots of information on the internet. One interesting website that caught my eye recently, is Homify.in. They have lots of images you can take inspiration from. You can also use couple of DIY inspirations from Pinterest, etc. And Organizing it actually placing that thing in the place you designed it to be placed in. For example in my closet, I first allocated a place for my long dresses at the extreme right of the closet and then according to the color I organized them by hanging with the hangers.

So, here are my favorite 3 Neat, Easy and inspiring ways to Design your wardrobe in small spaces.

  1. Most common closet space: Shelving Unit

These are the most common type of closets we see. They have a single or 2 rods to hang unfoldable clothes and the rest of the wall/ unit have shelves. This type of closet space if more efficient than it actually appears. Just to serve its purpose, hang the outerwear, jackets and long dresses (Indian/western) over these rods to maintain them wrinkle-free and for the rest of the unit, make partitions within the shelves and start folding them. Follow the ‘Konmari’ method of folding for maximum utilization of the space. You can fold them and store them directly in the shelves or place the folded clothes in the baskets and place the baskets in the shelves.

Konmari method

Konmari method

If you have any weather specific clothes, fold them and place them neatly in the bins and place the bins on the top rack which is not easily accessible. As you need to access this rack only couple of times a year, it shouldn’t be a problem. As for the shoes, place those expensive or formal shoes which are used occasionally in the closet area and the rest in the generic shoe wear racks in your living room. And for the accessories, take a complete single shelf and start making partitions and store your accessories. Displaying accessories makes it easy to pick and match with your outfit.

Industrial Dressing room von Disak Studio

Source: Disak Studio/homify

Tip: Choose colorful bins to store those extra pile of clothes or scarfs, to add a hidden pop of beauty to your wardrobe. Try to fold even your pants and stock them in a shelf side by side. This makes it easy to pick and saves a lot of space.

Scandinavian Dressing room von Elfa Deutschland GmbH

Source: Elfa Deutschland GmbH/Homify

other similar examples:

Classic Dressing room von ASA Autorskie Studio Architektury


Modern Dressing room von TRÍADE ARQUITETURA


Modern Dressing room von Catharina Quadros Arquitetura e Interiores

Source: Catharina Quadros Arquitetura e Interiores/Homify


2. Wall Mounted Closet

This is a type of closet I see with homes built for the past decade. To save for real space, closets are built with a combination of fixing hanging rods to the walls and mounting couple of shelving units to the wall.

As you can see in the below picture, you can either design this type of wardrobe in rooms with irregular ceiling shapes or those who doesn’t want to waste the ‘L’ shapes corner of your room. I have seen designing such ‘L’ shaped corners as book shelves. This is totally new, and interesting and ofcourse designing the wardrobe such a way would make the room seem very spacious and stylish. Don’t you agree?

Classic Dressing room von Rash_studio

Source: Rash Studio/Homify

If you are having this type of space, try to add some shelving units beneath the rods and you can have your 100% space utilization. In a closet like this, 50% of the work has already been done. You don’t even need bins to store any of your stuff. Hang those clothes which are well maintained by hanging and for the rest of those clothes like Tshirts, pants, scarfs etc, fold those and start stocking them inside the shelving units. Chose to display accessories like bags so that they add look to the entire closet and that way

Modern Dressing room von meine möbelmanufaktur GmbH


Industrial Dressing room von Regalraum GmbH

Source: Regalraum GmbH/Homify

3. Walk-in Closet

This is a type of closet where one can actually walk into the closet space and have access to 360 degrees. That means you can store all round 360 degrees of your space, This is an amazing option though this type of closet is not much seen in Indian communities unlike western culture. So, if you do have an option to design your closet then this would be your first preference in my opinion. You can have hanger rods, drawers, bins storage, hooks, sliders everthing you want, provided designed according to actual need. Walk-in closets are those type of closets which can be arranged both in small and large spaces.

Modern Dressing room von RODRIGO FONSECA


Classic Dressing room von ARTteam

Source: ARTteam/Homify

Modern Dressing room von Angela Ognibeni Arquitetura e Interiores

Source: Angela Ognibeni Arquitetura e Interiores/Homify

Eclectic Dressing room von MAAD arquitectura y diseño

Source: MAAD arquitectura y diseño/homify

So thats it everyone; these were the amazing 3 ways to design and organize your wardrobe. Let me know how did you like it. I would also love to make a video on my closet – ‘Closet tour’. Let me know if you are interested. Hope this post was helpful!

Disclaimer: This post if sponsored by homify.in. The entire post is original and the content is developed & edited by me. Homify.in is a great website when it come to designing any space of your home. They have exceptionally fantastic and amazing ideas. Do checkout their website and let me know how you like it!

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