Everyday Natural Makeup Look tutorial | Indian Style

Heya Buttercups,
Thank you for watching! This video is for everyone who has inboxed me to do an everyday makeup tutorial. I know I was quick this time. I really didn’t want you to wait long for this. So, I hope you enjoy this video. I used very simple products to get this look. And I was detailed this time as I thought I should mean it when I say ‘Natural’. Using a high-end high coverage foundation would have been quicker and easier by skipping the toned concealers. But using & meddling everything together gives that true natural finish! I did the eye makeup and lips according to my taste. You can definitely mix and match things. At the end of the day, Makeup is an art and stands amazing only if a unique taste of their own is added. Keep watching other videos and please show me your love and support. XOXO

Category: Eye Makeup
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