How to exfoliate lips with honey and sugar?

We all generally do have an idea about exfoliating skin. Well, to remember again – Exfoliation is to remove the dead skin cell to regenerate beneath for a health glowing skin.

    So, as a part of this, it is generally recommended to follow a face and body exfoliation routine twice a week. For this we use a scrub, massage cream etc. Similarly, exfoliation of lips once a week is also necessary. Lips  are the part where there would be no secretion of oils to keep it left moisturized and this makes it necessary to moisturize it using lip balms or any other alternative. Along with moisturizing, scrubbing is also important.And this can be handled at home.


It is an easy DIY:


– 1 tbsp of Sugar

– 1 tbsp of Honey

–  Almond oil

What to do:

– Make a mixture of sugar and honey. The sugar granules acts as the scrub and the honey acts as a moisturizer which retains moisture to lips while the process of exfoliation

– Now scrub this mixture over the lips for 5-10 minutes gently.

– Once done, wash away, pat dry and apply almond oil.


When to do this: Exfoliation of lips must be done only during night time, as post exfoliation, almond oil or a rich intensely moisturizing lip balm must be applied and left on for 2-3 hrs or even overnight. So, doing this process during night time before sleep is highly suggested.

The process must be followed atleast once a week.

Results: This would remove the dead skin cells, dried layers of lips and leaves a smooth finish.

We do have ready made lip scrub cosmetics available with various flavours as well.

So, Happy Exfoliation 🙂

How to exfoliate lips with Honey and Sugar?

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