I have a skin where after a face wash, a moisturizer is a must, be it summer or a winter. And for obvious reasons, in winter, much necessary! So, here I have come through an interesting massage gel ‘Jovees Vera & apple Face Massage gel’.

Jovees vera & apple face massage gel

I always prefer gels over creams, as i have an oily skin. Gels work wonders for me. So, I felt that using a massage gel would help me out overcome the dryness issue I have been facing. And I have found this in my search for a good massage gel for oily skin types.

Did this really work well for me? Lets see

Jovees vera & apple face massage gel

Product Description: Jovees has launched a face massage gel for oily skin types, with Aloe vera and Apple extracts.

Jovees Vera & Apple Face Massage Gel claims to be specially developed to retain moisture balance on the skin, improving the skin texture and radiance.

Price and Quantity:  Rs 145 for 100gms

Affordable as not much quantity is really required each time

Jovees vera & apple face massage gel

PRODUCT AVAILABILITY: It can be easily found over many beauty stores as well as online.

SHELF LIFE: 3 years

SUITABLE FOR: Oily Skin types

PACKAGING: I likes the packaging. It is a tube, which as always, is the best way of packaging as it is very hygienic. The tube comes in a hard plastic material. In the beginning it feels good but as the product is at the bottom, it becomes difficult to get the product out of the tube.

Jovees vera & apple face massage gel

Colour, consistency & Fragrance/ Texture: The shade comes in a pleasant green colour representing the presence of Aloevera and Green Apple. The fragrance is completely of the green apple. And the consistency is perfect to be called as a massage gel. Not so thick or not so runny. And Texture is very smooth.

Jovees vera & apple face massage gel

MY EXPERIENCE WITH Jovees Vera & Apple Face Massage Gel: I always have a good experience with Jovees til now. But I think here comes the unexpected strike.

The massage gel, has a soft texture which is indeed very comfortable and easy to work on with. The fragrance was good enough though doesn’t lingers for a long time. As instructed, I have tried to work on for 15-20min in circular motion. Just to make the movement much easier, we can use a bit of water during massaging. And once done, need to remove with a cotton swab.

Jovees vera & apple face massage gel

Initially, I did observe some minute white breakouts but yes I did give time to come to a conclusion. I used this twice a week. In general, a scrub and a massage gel/cream must be used at night times only. A massage cream.gel can be used in day times, but a scrub not at all recommended to be used during day times especially when you are bound to go out.

So, using Jovees Vera & Apple Face Massage Gel twice a week, for a month continuously has left me disappointed. This breaks out the skin. Initially though only few white pops were observed, as and on using this, skin will have to face pimples.

As complete list of ingredients is not given, the product must be including some sort of comeodogenic ingredient which might be causing the breakouts.

Anyways, Jovees this time has left out a huge disappointment!


–          Might be suitable for very normal skin types.

–          Good packaging, smooth texture and easy to work with.

–          Affordable

–          Includes Aloevera and fruit extracts.

–          Leaves a refreshed skin after using


–          Complete list of ingredients not given

–          Breaks outs skin.

–          Not at all suitable for oily, acne-prone, sensitive skin types

URG Rating: 2/5.

Do I recommend this Jovees Vera & Apple Face Massage Gel: No.

Would I repurchase Jovees Vera & Apple Face Massage Gel: No!

Jovees Vera & Apple Face Massage Gel Review

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