Today it is time to review a Nivea Body Lotion Whitening Cell repair & UV Protect.Nivea Body Lotion  Whitening Cell repair & UV Protect

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Nivea Body Lotion Whitening Cell repair & UV Protect claims to be specially developed for Asian skin types. This lotion is known to be providing 40 times higher concentration of Vitamin C which would help to work from within deep layers of skin, not only providing intense moisturization, but also repairs the skin which has been affected by sun exposure.

Nivea Body Lotion  Whitening Cell repair & UV Protect

It is also mentioned that the product has the extracts Acerola Cherry & Camu Camu unlike lemon extracts that are very commonly observed in most of the body products in present market.

For the first time, Nivea ever claims the clause, “Whitening”. So, seriously do we have a whitening agent within it or is this something which just brightens up? Lets see!


PRICE & QUANTITY:  Rs. 310 for 400ml and Rs.225 for 250ml. – Affordable.

USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Need to apply required amount over the dry area. Can be used daily for a smooth moisturized skin.

PRODUCT AVAILABILITY: It can be easily found over man beauty stores as well as online. Few online stores do offer 5-10% discount at times, but one got to checkout every now and then!

SHELF LIFE: 30months


SUITABLE FOR: Normal, oily and dry skin types.

PACKAGING: This bottles is just soo perfect to hold. The container with 400ml have a pump dispenser, while 250ml has a flip flop top. So, this is not travel friendly, but yes if one wants to carry around then you can have a small 250ml bottle with you.

Nivea Body Lotion  Whitening Cell repair & UV Protect

This pump dispenser is very comfortable to use unlike making it messy to get the product out of it. And it has clear instructions mentioned over it to turn –  ‘Open’ and ‘Close’. And the nozzle is quite small, though perfect to get needful amount of lotion in one pump.

Nivea Body Lotion  Whitening Cell repair & UV Protect

COLOUR, CONSISTENCY, FRAGRANCE & TEXTURE: It has a white, creamy soft texture. The consistency is just so good; it neither is runny nor like a cream. Easy to spread and absorbs immediately into skin. It doesn’t look oily or greasy at all. Once applied, it gives a matte look but moisturized skin. And the fragrance is pleasant. Doesn’t seem to be strong!

MY EXPERIENCE WITH ‘Nivea Body Lotion Whitening Cell repair & UV Protect’: Unlike every winter, I was on search for a good moisturizing, in fact deep moisturizing body lotion as my skin gets very dry at times. So, as a part of this, I have thought of giving this a try.

      Well, though Nivea has been giving a lead in the market all of a sudden with all such new variant products, I was especially interested in this variant. Reason: Hmm, this does claim to work on sun damaged skin. So, I had an issue with a mild tan that has been layered. So I thought of giving this a try. And the result is, Eureka!

Nivea Body Lotion  Whitening Cell repair & UV Protect

 This lotion not only provides lovely moisturizing effect, but also repairs sun damaged skin. This is NOT a tan removal lotion though. It must be accepted that though this cannot give a complete change on skin which has been intensely sun damaged, definitely helps out in removing the tan to some decent extent.

And Moisturization; well, Nivea Body Lotion Whitening Cell repair & UV Protect perfectly suits for Normal, oily – dry skin types. If one has very dry skin, then you can try the other variants meant for intense moisturization.

This best works when applied before going to sleep. Next day you would wake up with a smooth glowing skin.


–          The best thing to be first said is ‘Repair sun damaged skin, i.e reduces tan to a good extent within first week of use.

–          Affordable

–          Easily available both in beauty as well as online stores.

–          Easy pump dispenser/ bottle type packaging which is quite hygienic.

–          Travel friendly (250ml bottle)

–          Doesn’t look greasy. Instantly gets absorbed.

–          Leaves the skin moisturized, smooth and glowing

–          Reduces the tan to a decent extent

–          Pleasant fragrance.


–          Nothing to be mentioned about except for the fact that this includes parabens and silicones as well.

URG Rating: 5/5

Do I recommend Nivea Body Lotion Whitening Cell repair & UV Protect? Definitely Yes!

Would I repurchase Nivea Body Lotion Whitening Cell repair & UV Protect! Though I would try more variants, this would definitely stay to be my HG.

Nivea Body Lotion Whitening Cell repair & UV Protect

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