Its been years for me that I have used a Soap on my face. Since I have got used to face washes, to use a soap on face scares me. May be not literallly, but a not at all comfortable though. Lately, I got my Mom into this web. I made her get used to a face wash and now when she was running out of hers, I saw her going crazy asking for mine. I was like whoa! Hold on. Whats wrong for a day? But then, happens with me too. Look, its not that its addictive. Its something like, I feel, ‘Yuppie..This suits my skin’, ‘Huh! the smell is divine’, ‘Nice! It doesn’t dry out my skin’, ‘Wow! It brightens’, ‘Hmm…let me glide this into my handbag. It might be useful anytime’, ‘Online! 1+1 offer. Cool’ and so on. 

    So what I wanted to say actually is, even my Mom has her favorite list of face washes and this is one among those! *Wink*

Ponds Age Miracle Facial Foam

Ponds Age Miracle Facial Foam

Ponds Age Miracle Facial Foam

Ponds Age Miracle Facial Foam

Price & Quantity: Rs 160 for 50 gms

Product Availability: It is available at most of the general and beauty stores. Easily available online on Flipkart HERE 

Packaging: Beautiful and elegant! I love the packaging. It comes in a White & Red tube with a deep red sturdy screw type cap. The nozzle is narrow and long, which is perfect to have control on the product to be taken out.

Ponds Age Miracle Facial Foam

Ponds Age Miracle Facial Foam

Ponds Age Miracle Facial Foam

Ponds Age Miracle Facial Foam


Color and Fragrance: The color appears to be white, but has a pale rosy tone to it. And this has a flower scented fragrance

Texture & Consistency: The texture is soft and smooth. Its silky soft when rubbed in between the fingers. The consistency is creamy, with light weight formula

How to use: Lather small amount of product into the palms and massage into the skin gently. Use both morning and evening.

My Experience with Ponds Age Miracle Cell ReGEN Facial Foam: Both me and my Mom have used this! For me, I haven’t used this for any change in my skin texture. I have used this just like any other nice face wash. So, for me, absolutely no complaints. It cleanses thoroughly, and the micro beads exfoliate gently yet doesn’t dry out the skin. But as I have Combination – Oily skin type, I love Gel type Face Washes rather than creamy ones. So, this is not on my ‘Buy Again’ list!

Ponds Age Miracle Facial Foam

Ponds Age Miracle Facial Foam

    And now my Mom’s experience! Her Skin loves this. She has Combination – Dry skin type. So, she always likes creamy ones. This is one though is not really moisturizing, but still she says that this suits her skin well. Cleanses thoroughly and at the same time doesn’t dries out the skin. 

 Sp, on a whole, this is one face wash of that rare category which suits all skin types well! Catch it!


– Affordable and easily available

– Creamy texture

– Cleanses effectively

– The micro beads helps in slight exfoliation

– Packaging is cute and sturdy enough, making it travel friendly

– Suits all skin types 

– Doesn’t dries out the skin

– Lathers well with very little amount of product


– May not be suitable for all skin types during Winters

URG Rating: 4.5/5

 Do I recommend Ponds Age Miracle Cell ReGEN Facial Foam?Yes.

Will I repurchase Ponds Age Miracle Cell ReGEN Facial Foam? May be No, because, I will be easily bored of this.

Ponds Age Miracle Cell ReGEN Facial Foam Review

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