There is a huge Indian history which says many splendid things about beauty behind princesses. One such is ‘The Oil Cleansing Method’


What’s this?

By now, we do know what is cleansing and what really does CTM routine mean for the skin. So, one such intense cleansing method is the oil cleansing method. As the name itself explains, oil is the main and almost the only ingredient in this method.

Suitable for: Any skin type

Concept behind this

In our skin, we do have oil that has been hardened along with impurities and stuck over in the pores. So, when you give steam to the skin, those pores would be opened. So, then , we need to massage the skin with our choice of oil, so that these both oils dissolve together and thus the impurities would completely flow out of the skin and this is called as Oil Cleansing.

Oil cleansing vs Water cleansing

Yes. We daily do cleanse our skin with water and a cleanser. But as a common logic, the oil stuck up over in the pores do not mix well with water and thus, intense cleansing might not be possible. So, a mild cleansing with a good suitable cleanser must be a daily routine and oil cleansing must be a weekly routine.

oil cleansing2

So, which oil?

Castor oil is the best option for Oil cleansing method as it possesses high anti-inflammatory properties. It is well known for healing. But as this castor oil is thick in consistency, we need some other oil as well to dilute this.

So primary oil must be castor oil and choosing the second oil ratio is based on the skin type.

For oily skin type: A mixture of 40% castor and 60% safflower/olive oils are a good go

For dry skin type: A mixture of 10% castor and 90% safflower/olive oils

For normal skin – combination skin type: A mixture of 30% castor and 70% safflower/olive oils

Why castor oil is taken in less ratio?

Much usage of Castor oil surprisingly might leave your skin dry. So, as per your skin type, prepare a mixture of magic!

How to oil cleanse your skin?

–          We need our 2 oils mixture, warm water, soft cloth


–          Remove all the makeup on your face thoroughly and wash it with a good face wash.

–          Rinse face with warm water and pat dry with the soft cloth

–          Now take a decent amount of oil mixture, rub it between the hand for 5-10seconds for the warmth and then start applying all over the face once

–          Once unevenly applied, now start massaging in circular motion. Most important thing is, let your hands be firm enough. Massage with light and firm hands. Do not drag the skin up and down in the name of massage.


–          Keep massaging on and on for a good 15 minutes. You can keep taking breaks in between.

–          The skin must feel saturated with the oil absorption, which clearly indicates that you have done your oil massaging to a good extent

–          Now, soak the cloth in warm water, squeeze of the excess water absorbed and just lay it over the face for few minutes.

–          Once the cloth is cooled down, wipe off the oil on the face smoothly and again repeat the same for 2-3 or more times.

–          Never try to exfoliate during oil cleansing.

–          Once done, thoroughly rinse the cloth with warm water finally and wipe away the oil completely.

–          Do not use any face wash or cleanser after this. Leave the face overnight. If feeling a bit stretchy or dry, just apply a drop or two of oil on face and sleep.

This would leave you a soft glowing skin the next day.

Side effects?

Not really! But for the first two times or so, the skin might turn a bit red or might give few red bumps or even may leave with a pimple or two which can be quite ignored. But later, you wouldn’t face any such issue and regular adaption of this routine once in 15days will leave a remarkable difference in skin quality and tone! Oil cleansing method is the Best detoxification process ever!

Introducing the ‘Oil Cleansing’ Method

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