A special edition of UrsGorgeously!

Know Her: Under this section, we introduce you to talented fellow beauty bloggers, be it ones who already built up a striking room or those new bies trying to make in there space on this blogosphere!

Swatch Watch: Here, we bring in the swatches of the latest products release in the market. Be it a shower of lipstick shades, a troupe of eyeliners, a flock of blushes or anything else. They would be here!

The Fine 5: Here comes the appreciable section of the column! Be it those 5 budget products for a college girl, or be it 5 most lavishing makeup products or be it 5 must have’s, we discuss all those 5 extravagant products with which one would fall over those again ‘n’ again!

Yup or Nope: Each day we come through many products, and unfortunately only few turn to be a steal while few turn to be a slap. So, here we come with an answer for this; which star is bright and which one is a witch!

Save or Splurge: Who wouldn’t be tempted by a monstrously expensive beauty brand or product? Sometimes these luxury treats turn to be worth every dome but lot many times left out of hype! Expensive need not always mean finer! Here we come up with a conclusion about a product – was it a ‘Save’ or ‘Splurge’!

Weekend Screams: This section includes latest hauls, OOTDs, lust list, favorites, saving deals etc

Articles: Why just get stuck to same pillar? Lets just chase and reveal a lot much information thats’ not really known to many of us! This section includes articles about beauty and our daily routines, understanding those greek ‘n’ latin terms.




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